Hemp is an environmental super fibre. It does not require pesticides and its fast maturity allows it to
naturally crowd out weeds without the use of herbicides. Hemp’s deep roots build and preserve topsoil
and subsoil and these plants add rich organic matter to the ground helping it to retain moisture and
leaving it ready for any succeeding crop. This incredibly versatile fibre has a yield of up to 250% more
than that of cotton, uses 1/3 less water than cotton, and is over three times stronger than cotton. That
is one super fibre!

Temperature Regulating
Hemp fabrics are breathable. Fabrics made with hemp are often recommended for warm humid
climates because of their ability to absorb moisture. This leads to a much more comfortable sleeping
environment when used in mattresses.

Fabrics made from hemp are non-irritating to the skin, UV resistant, and they resist mold and mildew
(excellent moisture absorption). Of particular interest is that tests on hemp have shown that staph and
other bacteria that come into contact with its surface, die. This all adds up to a better, more restful